Refund And Cancellation

Refunds and Cancellation

How to cancel unpaid orders?

There is no need to contact vivihandbag to cancel orders which have not been paid for. These orders will expire automatically after a certain period. Vivihandbag permits checking out of orders using the online shopping cart as a system for customers to generate invoice for themselves and to keep records of prospective purchases.

Only orders that have actually been paid for are activated and entered into the order checking / processing system.

How and in what conditions can customers cancel paid/processing orders?

In general, Vivihandbag can usually accept requests for cancellation of paid orders up to the working day on which the order enters the status “processing”. Customers can request cancellation of orders by phone or email  quoting their order number and providing a clear explanation for this request. Any processing order cancellation must be properly justified as it is a standard business practice.

Here is the status list where you can cancel an order



When is it too late to cancel a paid order?

Orders that have been dispatched with a tracking number cannot be cancelled/ reimbursed. If you can see “Order is Sent Out”, and “Pending cancellation” in your account, it is impossible to cancel your order.


How does Vivihandbag offer refunds to customers for cancelled orders?

The following general conditions apply to refunds made by Vivihandbag:


– Refunds will be made in the form of credit extended by vivihandbag against future orders.
– Paypal refunds are exceptional and at our discretion, for more information please contact us at