Read Before Order

1) What is dropship?
Dropship is a kind of small business who don’t prepare stock, but ask the supplier to prepare the stock and ask supplier to ship to customer directly. For more details, please visit this link:


2) Do you provide drop ship service?
Yes. We provide drop ship service. We ship to world-wide countries with Registered Mail, airmail, EMS,.

3) Will you put your site address or any info on package?
We do NOT include our company name, logo anywhere on or in the package.
We do NOT include the prices paid for the merchandise.
We do NOT contact with your customers, your customers will be still loyal to you.

4) How to Apply Dropship?
Before you apply dropship program, you need to register on vivihandbag.com and Please send us your store URL for verification to [email protected] Once it’s comfirmed, we will send you E-mail within two days.

5) How can I make dropship order?
It is easy to make dropship order, after you are successfully apply for dropship application, then you can make dropship order.
After order completed, we will only contact you for order tracking number and order status. You will be the only person to contact with your customer.

6) Do you provide blind dropship service?
Sure, we also provide blind dropship service.

7) Do you provide unmarked product pictures?
Sure, once we approve you as dropship, we will provide you portal to download the unmarked pictures.

8) How can i contact you for more Information?

Email us at [email protected]