Quality Gurarantee

Vivihandbag Rigorous Quality Control from Sourcing to Delivery

Are you still wondering what happens to your newly-purchased Handbag  before it arrives at your doors? At Vivihandbag, each product delivered to you should go through stringent quality control from product sourcing to delivery, reducing your sourcing risk.

Product Sourcing:
With offices in Seoul and Mok-Po, Vivihandbag works with the best, most trusted and professional Handbag manufacturers and suppliers throughout S.Korea. Vivihandbag chooses them as our partners for their product quality, reputation, reliability and the same passion for serving customers.

Past years, Vivihandbag has been dedicated to supply Handbag to wholesalers, distributors or anyone who’s just looking to buy the latest bag worldwide. Vivihandbag knows what shoppers value the most important. In addition to quality assurance, all products at Vivihandbag are marked with the unbeatable prices, since we source them directly from the manufacturers.

Product Order Processing:
Vivihandbag has a responsible and trusted team to ensure no delayed order processing. Once upon clicking “Place Order”, Vivihandbag employees are thrilled to work on your order immediately. One team reviews your order detail and finds the exactly inventory you want from our shelf, while QC team are also ready to inspect every nook and canny. Meanwhile, E-mails about processing status of your order are sent all around.

Product Examine:
We see product quality as our lifeline and don’t take any chances to deliver anything untested even though our suppliers are trusted and professional manufacturers. All products at Vivihandbag must undertake the strict exam procedure:

Product Packaging:
When product is routed to our packaging and delivery team, the third check is the routine to make sure you will get the right item. Only then the product is moved to be packaged and shipped off.

Order Tracking:
We never slack off even though the product leaves our door. Order tracking until it reaches your house is part of the daily work of Vivihandbag customer service team. Besides, our customer service team is always here to serve you through e-mail. For more information about our products, product quality and product delivery, please contact Us for more information