User Guide

Q: Useful tips before placing an order

When you sign up for a Vivihandbag account you are indicating that you agree to the policies and terms we’ve published in our online.

Here is some of the most important information that you must be aware of before you place an order:

1. Vivihandbag sends goods to you from S.Korea. As such, you (or the consignee) are IMPORTING. In many countries this means you will be liable for import duties and other taxes. It’s your responsibility to find out about this, and pay any taxes/charges on receipt of the items. Drop-shippers: please inform your customers about this in advance.

2. Generally most of the couriers cannot deliver to PO boxes. Please provide us with a street address.

3. You need a valid phone number in your account. Drop-shippers: please provide your customer’s phone number for the courier to use.

4. We strongly recommend you order single item samples before proceeding with large wholesale orders.

5. All our products are covered by our 3 month warranty.

6. For defective products, customer is responsible for the return shipping cost to Vivihandbag and Vivihandbag is responsible for the shipping cost back to the customer.

Please also take the time to read the full Vivihandbag terms and policy documents online in our Knowledgebase.

Q: How to place your first order?

Placing an order at Viviahanbag couldn’t be any easier. Simply follow these 4 basic steps when placing an order: select the item you want, add it to your shopping cart and then checkout from your shopping cart. Please read the following information for help and tips on how to make your purchase as smooth as possible.

Step 1: Send us your store URL

In order to purchase and send out the item, you must send us your store URL to for safe verification. You will receive confirmation E-mail within 2 days.

Step 2: Searching for items

Searching for items at Vivihandbag is very simple. Just type in the name of the item you want to find in the Search Field at the Info Bar. You can view the product by clicking into the results.

Helpful Tip: At Vivihandbag, you can search more than one item, making your shopping much easier.

Once you’ve found what you want, you can add it to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout.

Step 2: Shopping Cart: Viewing, Adding & Removing Items

Once you have found the item which you want, you can purchase it by clicking the button of “Add to Cart”. And then you can review the contents of your shopping cart.

Clicking “Add to Cart” for a product will add only one unit of that product to your cart. If you want to order multiple quantities of a given product, you can easily change the quantity by typing the number in “Quantity”.

If you click “Continue Shopping”, you will be taken back to the shop where you can continue with your shopping. The content in the current cart will be remembered.

If you need to remove any items altogether before proceeding to checkout, there is “Remove” button at the end of each item row.


Step 3: Checkout

By selecting Checkout, you will begin the checkout process with a request for login. If this is your first time shopping with us or if you don’t already have an account, you will need to register first before proceeding with the rest of checkout.


Q: Does Vivihandbag have Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?
Most of our products do not have a minimum order quantity (MOQ). The more you order, the lower the price per-item will be. If a certain item has a MOQ, it will be clearly stated in the product detail. You can, however, still purchase samples for evaluation before making your actual big orders. Please feel free to contact for evaluation samples.


Q: Payment methods
Vivihandbag currently offer Paypal to customers, all of which are convenient and easily arranged. There are many fraud in e-commerce business. For security and safe transaction, we strongly recommend Paypal.


Q: How to ship?

Vivihand offers Air-Mail, Registered Mail and EMS shipping options to our customers, all of which are efficient and reliable. (EMS) We currently offer Free-Shipping for Air, Registered Mail. EMS is optional for fast shipping.


Q: How to ship?

Vivihand offers Air-Mail, Registered Mail and EMS shipping options to our customers, all of which are efficient and reliable. (EMS) We currently offer Free-Shipping for Air, Registered Mail. EMS is optional for fast shipping.

Q: How to track my order after payment?
During the process of purchase, you should receive several emails from us. There will be an email confirming your order information, and we will also email you the tracking number after we ship out your order.

You also can log in your Vivihandbag account to check status of all of your orders.

You can also contact with our online salesman or customer service representative to get help.

Q: Do all your products have guarantee and warranties?
Yes, product quality is our top priority. Unless otherwise specified, we offer a 3-month warranty against defects for all products. The warranty does not cover driver incompatibility, normal wear, and damage due to accidents, physical force, water, fire, power surge, acts of God, natural disasters, or other misuse.